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Educate, Encourage, and Act for the future.

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Our Activities with the children.

Let's learn together about the environment so that we can raise awareness and together we can save the Earth!

Youth Eco-School Project

The YES project is our current project. If you want your school to be visited, we would be very happy to do so!
About Us

Bumi Buddies

We learn that saving the Earth cannot be done by us alone. We need your help too!

This is our way to invite all of you to become part of us. We aim to educate Indonesian children and youth with topics ranging from waste management and some tips on how to live more sustainably!

Interested to join in one of our projects?

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What We Do

Types of Activities

Children sessions




Past Activities

Our Projects

We have done many activities that are divided into two main projects, #GreenYouthAction and #LessWasteMoreLove. One was focused on educating the children in Surabaya area, and the other one is through online platforms such as social media and webinars.


We focus on educating the children in Surabaya area, with offline sessions that involves activities such as storytelling, fun games, drawing, and many more. This activity was done for one year, starting in 2018 to 2019, discussing various topics related to the environment that are easy to understand by children. Some of the examples are wildlife animals, sorting inorganic and organic wastes, and celebrating the World Water Day.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we carry on our activities online. We were able to reach many youths from all over Indonesia, aging from 15-30, who are interested in learning about the environment. This project is a movement to invite the youth to be more responsible with their waste. The activities include a series of webinar and workshop that talks about the 7Rs of Sustainability, as well as Climate Change.